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Professional English Language A (B834001)

Professional English Language A (B834001)

Credit requirements

Students need to pass a credit test and submit a written summary of a scientific article.

Participation in lessons and additional exercises are not compulsory.

To obtain the credit, students need a minimum of 50 points (out of 70 points available):

The points are obtainable as follows:

Credit test                                                                                                                                                 50 points maximum

Active participation in lessons                                                                                                      10 points maximum

Additional exercises                                                                                                                              4 points maximum

Summary                                                                                                                                                    6 points maximum

- Students select a relevant scientific text, and send it to their tutor for approval - till 3rd semester week.

- After approval, students make a summary of the text (in rtf or docx formats) and send it to their tutor.

- Being obligatory, the summary  needs to be submitted in the 8th week at the latest. Late submission in the 10th week or after is penalised by two minus points. The summary has to be submitted before writing a test. Otherwise, the credit will not be granted.

- Required extent of the original text: 1000-1200 words

- Required extent of the summary: 300-350 words

- Total amount of points awarded for the summary depends on its quality

The 1st official test term shall take place during the final week of the semester  (for this term, students do not need to register via the SIS system and have to apologise to their tutor for their possible absence in advance).

As the credit test is obligatory, it is necessary for the students to register for any other test terms in the Student system.

If a student participates in a credit test early term (so called pre-term) and does not pass it, they are entitled to continue attending the classes and gathering more participation points, including one for the final lesson in the semester. Then, they need to sit for another run of the credit test once they have increased the amount of the points obtained. The higher amount of the seminar points shall be added to the total number of all the points scored in the following credit test attempt. It cannot and will not be counted retrospectively. 

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