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Professional English Language B B834002

Professional English Language B B834002 

I. Credit

Students may receive a total of 70 points - to obtain a credit, a minimum of 50 points is necessary.

The points can be obtained for:

  • credit test (obligatory):                                                                                                                     max. 50 points 
  • active participation in lessons                                                                                                       max. 10 points
  • minipresentation                                                                                                                                 max. 3 points
  • additional work:                                                                                                                                   max. 7 points


1. Credit test                                                                                                                                                       max. 50 points

  • to be taken in the 14th learning week of the semester (not open in the System) - in case of absence for this term, students are to excuse themselves from it.
  • during the exam period, other dates for credit test will be available - here, it is necessary to register for them in the System.


II. Exam

The exam consists of an oral part (50%) and a presentation (50%).

1. Oral part

  • to be taken in the exam period, it is necessary to register in individual terms offered by respective teachers in the System.
  • students first need to obtain the credits from both Professional English I and II. before they can sit for the exam.
  • this part of the exam constitutes of working with a professional text and tests the vocabulary from topics dealt with in subjects Professional English I and II.


2. Presentation

  • presentations shall be realised during the oral examination.
  • the presentation makes up ca. 50% of the oral examination mark.


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