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Professional English Language B B834002

Professional English Language B B834002 

I. Credit

Students need to pass a credit test.

To obtain a credit, students need to receive a total of 50 points (out of 70 points available).

The points can be obtained for:

  • credit test (obligatory):                                                                                                                     max. 50 points 
  • active participation in lessons                                                                                                       max. 10 points
  • minipresentation                                                                                                                                 max. 3 points
  • additional work:                                                                                                                                   max. 7 points


Credit test                                                                                                                                                       

  • to be taken in the 14th learning week of the semester (not open in the System) - in case of absence for this term, students are to excuse themselves from it.
  • during the exam period, other dates for credit test will be available - here, it is necessary to register for them in the System.
  • if a student sits for a test in a pre-term, only the points they have acquired so far are counted to the final score. Should the student fail the pre-term test, they can continue attending the lessons and earning additional points and then they need to pass the credit test again.


II. Exam

The subject is completed by passing an oral examination.

For the exam, students have to prepare a presentation - its evaluation constitutes 50% of the final mark.

The oral part includes working with a scientific text and examines the knowledge of vocabulary stemming from the topics studied in OAJ A and OAJ B. 

Students need to sign up for the exam to their respective tutors.

Before going for the exam, it is necessary to successfully obtain credits from both OAJ A and OAJ B.

Re-enrolling into the subject:

a) in the following summer semester, when the subject is not taught: the student keeps the points obtained in the previous regular semester (winter) both from attendance and extra work. The student may be allowed to do more extra work if agreed upon by their tutor.

b) in the winter semester of the following academic year (the subject is taught regularly): the student needs to complete all the requirements for the credit again, i.e. the points needed start to be collected from the scratch.


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